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It is a safe space where you can talk about disability without feeling insecure and without being targeted by stereotypes!

Here we talk about disability rights, inclusivity and accessible justice. 

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Here you can access free legal information and lawyer assistance, disability support centers, reporting mechanisms and disability compliance services. 

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We offer customized services considering the accessibility needs of companies and institutions.

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Our Story

Reyhan is a human rights lawyer from Azerbaijan. She conducted research on the issue of reproductive coercion of persons with psychosocial disabilities during her time studying  LL.M in International Human Rights Law at the University of Essex. Through this focused exploration, she became acutely aware of the deeply ingrained historical discrimination against persons with disabilities. This realization highlighted the prevalence of harmful stereotypes, prejudices, stigmas and ableist language directed towards them. These revelations prompted her to critically reflect on her own life experiences. Currently, she is pursuing a PhD in Law at the University of Tasmania , Australia, where her research focuses on the intersection of disability, human rights, and Artificial Intelligence.

As a lawyer and a mobile application developer in Flutter framework Bahar is a firm believer in the power of technology to drive positive change in the legal sphere. She chose to learn about technology so she can address people's human rights needs in a thorough way. Often, developers might miss people’s human rights aspects while developing technology. So, she has taken this role upon herself to fill this gap and make sure the technology truly serves those needs. 

Collaborating together, Reyhan and Bahar worked on several legal tech startup projects centered around a mobile application. They questioned the inclusivity of their projects. This catalyzed their decision to create something transformative—an endeavour that could significantly impact the lives of persons with disabilities, raise awareness about disability rights, enhance the accessibility of the justice system, and eliminate discrimination. So, their journey began.

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Winner of the BeChangeMaker2023 Competition on a global scale, presented by the WorldSkills Organization and HP Foundation!

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The Team

Bahar and Reyhan are the co-founders of Altogether. Reyhan is a human rights lawyer with an LLM degree from the University of Essex. She is a member of the Azerbaijani Bar Association. Currently, she is pursuing a PhD in law at the University of Tasmania, Australia where her research focuses on the intersection of disability, human rights and Artificial Intelligence.  Bahar is a lawyer and a mobile application developer. She is a Legal Innovation Zone graduate from the Toronto Metropolitan University and a BlackRock Female Entrepreneur Awardee. Please click the links below to learn more about the co-founders and external advisors. 

Reyhan Ramazanova
Reyhan Ramazanova
Co-founder, Human Rights Lawyer
Bahar Ramazanova
Bahar Ramazanova
Co-founder, Mobile App Developer
James Cracknell
James Cracknell
Essex Startups, Advisor
Aytan Safarova
Aytan Safarova
LL.M in Disability Rights, Legal Advisor
Farid Yusifli
Farid Yusifli
Data Engineer, Advisor

Join our waiting list

We will keep you updated about the project progress and launch.