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'Altogether' is centered around creating a mobile application that aims to provide free access to legal information concerning the human rights of persons with disabilities. The app also aims to offer legal assistance, connect users to disability support centers, facilitate reporting mechanisms for persons with disabilities, and offer disability compliance services for businesses and institutions.

With the support of Remarkable, we are seeking persons with disabilities to learn their experiences related to exercising their rights. We are keen to understand the challenges and issues people with disabilities encounter in relation to their rights. We are also interested in conversing with individuals who are family, friends or close relatives of people with disability, as well as individuals who advocate for the human rights of people with disabilities or engage in related professions and activities.

Your insights are crucial, and we would love to engage in a conversation with you! Please share your contact details below, and we will promptly reach out to coordinate a suitable time for discussion. 

If there's anything we can do to better accommodate your needs or create a more supportive environment, please don't hesitate to let us know in the message section.

Graphic of a smiling woman on wheelchair which uses an app on big tablet over the background and is wearing an orange breton T-shirt, black trousers and orange socks. On the left side, there is a potted cactus. Pot is orange.

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